... Offering 100% pastured, humanely and naturally raised meats to New England and the nation.


8 O'clock Ranch

...that animals were placed upon this earth in our care.
We strive to be good shepherds by offering the best pasturage, cleanest waters and protection from predators to our flocks of sheep and chickens and herds of cattle and pigs.

We LOVE what we do, we enjoy the early mornings, long days and the pleasure of watching any of our animals graze and grow as they were created to do.

We hope you enjoy the 'fruit' of our harvest.


Winter Vacation!

Last year we took a couple of weeks in the fall, this year we are going to try a mid-winter vacation! Stock up now so your meat can carry you through. We will be "away", from the computer at least, from January 26th through February 8th. If you don't want to think about making orders, you might like to try our CSA! Regular deliveries, every month, lots of variety! Deadline to join the Spring season, which begins in March, is January 31st!
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Investor Club is now Closed

It has been a smashing success as the brits would say. We hit over $40K in the last 6 months, $20K in the first 4 weeks! Our building is up, trusses and walls up, roofing on and now the finish work. Over the winter we will install windows & doors, ceiling will be put in and lots of small items will be finished.

We are SO excited. Not just because we are nearing the end but that the building we first envisioned isn't a tenth of what we have now. YOU invested and allowed us to build a greener Shipping Shed. The walls are insulated at R20 +, the walk in is larger and better insulated and we have gone for a different truss to allow for more storage. So, we close the Investor Club excited at what has been accomplished. Plenty of meat to be shipped to those who invested, ya gotta be excited about that, right? Watch the News & Events page for more updates!
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